Henniker Flying Club – Membership Information.


(Please note: this information may not be current and can be modified at any time in accordance with the Club By-Laws.)


The Henniker Flying Club, based at the Concord airport (KCON) is an owner-equity club. That means that each member owns an equal share of the assets of the club. The club currently owns:

  • Two hangars at Concord

  • 1974 Cessna 172M

    • Current hourly rate (tach time) $100 which includes fuel (wet)

  • 1974 Cessna182P

    • Current hourly rate (tach time) $129 which includes fuel (wet)


There are a maximum of 26 members allowed in the club. We currently have 17 members.


The club has officers (President, VP, Secretary, Maintenance) and we have a Safety Committee and Hangar Committee.

We meet once a month on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 unless we do a barbecue then food starts at 6:30 with meeting to follow. These usually take place during the warmer months. Meetings are in the hangar or in the terminal building during colder months.

We have an on-line scheduling system (schedulemaster.com) that makes scheduling easy.

You have access to the planes 24 hrs a day.

There are no minimum times. Book for the day and fly for how ever long or short you want.

Each member can book one weekend and one week per year. But that is flexible. If you want more, just ask.


When joining, you are buying an equity share of the assets. The buy-in is $9825. If you leave the club and are fully vested you will get your buy-in minus 5% back. The club has eighteen months to pay that back.

Monthly dues are currently $182, which are based on the number of members. These dues pay for regular fixed costs associated with the hangars and planes as well as an assessment for a transponder upgrade in the 172 and avionics upgrades in the 182. 


To make it easier for people to pay the buy-in, the club is offering a 0% loan from the club. And should you decide to leave the club, you will get all but 5% of your investment back. For all these details, please contact us for more information.


We currently have two CFII's and one CFI in the club that provides instruction. Their instructing is not associated with the club, that is the club does not determine their rate for instruction. Only club members can receive instruction in club airplanes.